People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say “No, this is who I am.”

Happy 22nd Birthday, Demi! (August 20nd, 1992) ♥

 » You can usually pick out a Leo woman from a crowd - she’s the one with the loudest laugh, the brightest smile. Ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe, this feline sign adores attention and usually gets it. She is passionate, playful, and very lively. Occasionally hot-tempered, a Leo woman can and will get those claws out if you step out of line, so handle Kitty with care! When in a fiery mood, she is best soothed with compliments and spoiled with gifts.
  • me on a spanish test: cómo se llama, bonita, mi casa, shakira shakira

But I keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop movingIt’s like I got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be a l r i g h t


I just want Tumblr to know that I have never, not once, wanted to reblog a text post as a link.

@dinahjane97 Lauren wants me bwhahahaha

The thing that people always write about me, which is almost cliché, is ‘Just watch out—she’s going to write a song about that!’ As if writing a song isn’t special. As if I’m living my life [for material]…like it’s a trick I do. It’s not simple to write a song. The hardest times in my life have produced the songs that have done the best.